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A New Easy Route To Bespoke Shirts & Blouses


We're delighted to be able to offer a new product to our clients - a quick, easy and cost effective way to bespoke shirts and blouses for your staff uniform.…

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Design a bespoke dress for your uniform


If you could wear the perfect dress for work what would it look like? Would it be "The one?" You know, that one dress, your favourite dress, the one you…

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Bespoke Suiting tailor made for you


Love extraordinary suiting? How often have you thought how you'd love to be able to have options over the design of your suiting? Not many uniform suppliers can offer this service, but we…

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Uniform Search


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Staff Style!


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What would you change about your current uniform?


How do you feel in your current staff uniform? Do you go each day, working hard, being the best that you can be at your job in comfort and style?…

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