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5 Top Tips To Choosing The Right Office Uniform


Our Top 5 Tips Choose the weight and durability of the fabric required for your office uniform Choose a colour and style of image wear you want Decide if you…

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Not Just A T-Shirt


T-Shirts, one of the simplest of garments and something many of our clients require as part of their staff uniform, normally with their branding or slogan applied. Whilst T-Shirts are…

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How To Wear A Tweed Waistcoat


Pairing a waistcoat and jeans or chinos may seem like a mismatch, but in this age of blending the formal with the casual, it's a style that is hugely popular…

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Style Tips For Corporate Wear


Everything you need to know about getting more from your office wear. Footwear Few items of dress are as emotive as shoes. They can instantly undermine your appearance. Choose a…

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A New Easy Route To Bespoke Shirts & Blouses


We're delighted to be able to offer a new product to our clients - a quick, easy and cost effective way to bespoke shirts and blouses for your staff uniform.…

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Between The Lines


We were delighted to be approached by up and coming Dunfermline band, Between The Lines. The boys were after some branded merchandise not only for themselves but for their ever…

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Five Key Benefits of Staff Uniforms


Employee uniforms make a big first impression in the eyes of your customers. Not only do they easily identify staff members, but they also reflect your brand’s image. We always…

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A big belated thank you!


We can't believe January is nearly over. For some people January is a month that seems to take forever to end. But here at Staff Style it seems to have…

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Washable Suiting!


Stay cosy at home this weekend and don't worry about having to squeeze in running out to the dry cleaners with your suiting. Our fantastic, stylish suiting is machine washable!!! 😱😜💃 #washablesuiting #staffunifom #easycare

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Do you struggle to find a uniform supplier that do fantastic trousers?


Our trousers are beautiful. They come in a range of fabrics, colours, shapes, lengths and the size range...4 to 24! They're durable and machine washable. We offer full wardrobe options…

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