Staff Style is made up of small team of talented and dedicated individuals. We are all from a fashion and garment technology background, and take people without that flair under our wing to guide them.

We have many years experience of designing, consulting and delivering excellent uniforms to some of the most elite properties in the UK.

We understand that your brand identity is crucial and we like to see your property, your interiors, your colour palette and get a feel for exactly what it is you need. It’s our background, it’s what we’ve always done.

We understand budgets and what options are open to you within your spend. We’ll help you show off that your business is ahead of the game when it comes to style.

Lisa Moncur

Lisa likes singing in a choir or yelling some people might call it, knocking stuff down in her house, taxiing her kids around, running when she’s in the mood, watching her busy bee hive in her garden and whistling.

Gill Eastgate

Gill likes sunshine, sauvignon blanc, lace dresses, handbags, running, Edinburgh Festivals, jumping out of planes, people watching, fresh bedding, pizza. She doesn’t like noisy children and whistling.

Amanda Ferguson

Amanda likes long walks with her dog Missy and chasing her two rabbits round the village when they get out of the garden. She has a garden shed fetish and loves making things with her kids. She’s always laughing!

Stanley Foreman

Stanley likes sleeping, his granny blanket, sausage rolls, going to the pub, walks in the park, cuddles, kisses, his blue pyjamas, lie ins. Stanley doesn’t like getting up early and rain.