5 Top Tips To Choosing The Right Office Uniform

Our Top 5 Tips

  1. Choose the weight and durability of the fabric required for your office uniform
  2. Choose a colour and style of image wear you want
  3. Decide if you want Dry Clean, Easycare or Washable Tailoring
  4. Give yourself time to get it right. Build-in time for fittings etc. Then set a date for your team to start wearing their exceptionally tailored new career wear
  5. Most important – Choose your supplier carefully.

Choosing a fabric for corporate uniform

You can’t make great corporate clothing without great fabric. We keep it simple: we choose fine yarns, densely woven and finished to industry-leading standards for all our corporate tailoring. What is more, all our fabrics are tested in a lab and, more importantly, in the field (a rigorous test by real people at their place of work).

It might sound simple, but so many office uniform suppliers don’t do this, preferring instead to use cheaper fabrics.

We believe it is worth a little more effort and expense to use finely woven fabrics for the following reasons:

  • performance
  • greater crease recovery
  • greater abrasion resistance
  • increased comfort
  • less piling
  • stylish appearance

Choosing the style of your business wear

Every businessperson has a different style requirement. That’s why we offer many different styles of garments and fabrics.

You see, style really matters in business. The right style of jacket, trouser or skirt can flatter and enhance your people’s finer features. So, in order to get the most from your corporate clothing and staff uniforms, each wearer should choose the style that makes the most of their body shape.

Good quality corporate tailoring makes your staff look great and feel confident. What more can you ask from your business wear?

Selecting the right colour for corporate wardrobes

Our advice is to choose a colour that flatters most shapes and skin tones; namely navy, grey or black. These come in either plain or with a stripe or pattern.

  • Navy has always been a staple part of corporate dress and is easy to accessorise. Black is always striking and looks modern and stylish when worn in the right environment and with complementary accessories.
  • Charcoal is back in plain and pinstripe, and looks great with whites, blacks, lilacs and those beautiful pink shirts and blouses.
  • If in doubt keep colours sympathetic (navy suit/blue shirt). If it works, try contrasting colours (navy suit/pink and blue stripe shirt).

How many items are needed for professional corporate wardrobes?

Ideally, your jacket and trousers should never be worn on consecutive days. That means you should have a minimum of two jackets, three trousers/skirts and five shirts/blouses (don’t buy skirts if you only wear trousers, buy another trouser instead).

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