How To Wear A Tweed Waistcoat

Pairing a waistcoat and jeans or chinos may seem like a mismatch, but in this age of blending the formal with the casual, it’s a style that is hugely popular within the hospitality sector and we are seeing it everywhere. Here’s how to do it properly.

The waistcoat has long been associated with more formal events most often being paired with the more conventional suit. Some key styles to wear them with would be a white tie or black tie event dress code, as part of a three-piece suit, or at weddings to finish off your wedding attire in a more considered fashion. Nowadays, though, one of the key trends we are seeing is blending the formal with the casual and the tweed waistcoat is definitely a part of that.

Navy Herringbone Tweed Waistcoat

When you’re wearing your waistcoat there are a few tips, tricks and rule you should stick to if you’re after a classic aesthetic. If you want a more rugged or alternative look from your waistcoat you won’t have to pay close attention to these. On that last point, it’s probably time we looked at the rest of your outfit. Now, in general, we want to keep everything well fitted and leaning more on the smart side of the sartorial spectrum.

Underneath the tweed waistcoat, we would go for an oxford shirt or, for a retro finish, a grandad collar. The main thing to note here is, if the shirt is plain, the waistcoat can have some print but if it’s a printed shirt, keep the waistcoat plain. Do not mix prints and make sure you colour match correctly.

Go for slim or skinny jeans, if possible, keep the rinse dark (indigo or black) and make sure they fit properly. Chino’s also look great with this look but go for a flat front with a slim leg.

On a final note, please guys always leave your bottom button undone on your waistcoat. It’s a complete style faux pas for men not to. Read the reason why here.


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