Bespoke uniform made in the UK.

How ethical is your business? We’ll help you improve it! Your new uniform can be manufactured in the UK. Here at Staff Style we pride ourselves on producing 100% of our bespoke uniform in factories based in the UK.We know our manufacturers inside out and have fantastic relationships with them. That all sounds very good…..but it gets better!! We don’t just make a phone call and ask our manufacturers to make us a production run of a trouser…or blouse…or dress for you, oh no, we oversee the whole product development process from start to finish.Take a dress production run for example. Here’s what we do…

1. We talk through your requirements. Style, fabric, colour, fit preferences are all within your control.

2. We design your dress for you using illustrations and design boards you can show to your staff and get their opinion. We source the best fabric and trims for your dress for you to see and approve.

3. We make a pattern which is specially designed by our designers here at Staff Style. We have over 25 years of pattern cutting and design specification for some of the UK’s top designer brands and the high street.

4. We make a dress sample. So you can see what your dress will look like in the flesh, try it on, show it around, feel it, fit it, love it!

5. We grade the pattern into several sizes. You decide how many sizes you want. We can even create sample dresses in every size for you. This is called a size set. Your staff can try on each size and see which one fits them best. It cuts right back on any returns because some people think they’re a different size than they are.

6. One of our UK manufacturers will then produce your dresses for you….Delivered on time, every time! Simples!!

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