Design a bespoke dress for your uniform

If you could wear the perfect dress for work what would it look like?
Would it be "The one?" You know, that one dress, your favourite dress, the one you feel comfortable in, the one you know everyone at work would love too because it looks great on anyone. You’ve had it for years and you keep pulling it out of the wardrobe, wishing you could get another just like it and even better, be able to wear one for work.
Whether you have the perfect dress in mind, you’ve seen one online or in a shop that you think might look great or even if you have absolutely no idea at all…..but you know you want a dress, we can help. We can adapt a new design from old favourite, take inspiration from online images or take your brief and offer you a few options we think would be perfect for you.
We can offer a bespoke design and sampling service. Your ideal dress is made up for you to see, fit and approve prior to a production run being made right here in the UK.
Jersey, tartan, tweed, wool or wool blend suiting fabric, the choice is endless. We can advise of the right fabric in the right style. We can EVEN get suiting made to match! Male and female options are available.
You’ve never had so much choice. We’re a staff uniform company yes but we’re so much more. We love bespoke orders! Dresses, suiting, aprons, ties and accessories and so on…
Staff Style Transform your staff, Transform your style!

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