What would you change about your current uniform?

How do you feel in your current staff uniform? Do you go each day, working hard, being the best that you can be at your job in comfort and style? Or, do you have something that niggles away at you all day that you wish you could change? Is the fabric uncomfortable? Does the dress not fit? Too short, too long? Is the whole outfit just not something you would ever choose to wear outwith work. The list goes on……

Here at STAFF STYLE we always encourage our clients to survey what their staff would like to wear before deciding on which uniform to go for. It’s nice to know you’re opinion has been considered we think. There’s quite possibly a practicality that hasn’t been considered in the uniform you have. It could be as simple as our latest enquiry for example. One of our clients has white blouses for their housekeeping staff. When they bend and stretch over to make the beds, the blouses are a bit too short so they pop out of the waistband on the bottoms. We can source the right shirt that’s slightly longer to alleviate this.Years of experience tells us that we know what to look out for when advising our clients on their uniform so you’re in safe hands. Staff often have years of wearing a uniform too, so sharing ideas and things to watch out for is a great idea! So is feeling all part of the process.So, come on tell us, what would you change about your current uniform? We’d love to know!

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