​Top 10 tips for effectively managing your new Staff Uniform project.

1. Make sure that the style of uniform you choose fits in with your brand guidelines, décor and overall style of your property.   
2. Consider all departments in your property and how you would like to differentiate them. Equally, how they should all tie together.     
3. Ask your staff what they would like to wear. Would they like a wardrobe option? Employees like to know their opinion has been considered. Research their likes and dislikes of their current uniform.       
4. Make sure that your new uniform is of the highest quality for your budget and easy to launder. Try to avoid dry clean only garments. Machine washable uniform is most cost effective and practical. Calculate how many garments will last them a week without excessive laundering.      
5. Work out your overall budget for your uniform spend and per staff member. Assess staff numbers, allocation, male/female split in each department. This will help you to translate how many uniforms options and quantities you’ll need.
6.What is your timescale? Do you have time to factor in bespoke pieces or do you need your uniforms urgently for an event or a busy period? Urgency can quite often rule out any bespoke options.
7. Let your staff try samples of the uniform prior to ordering. Not everyone is the size they think they are. If you order uniforms that are the wrong size, returns can be a costly waste of time and money.
8. Plan how you will collate the staff sizing information prior to ordering a bulk number of uniforms. Who will be responsible for this? How will the information be stored for reference? 
9. Instruct your staff on how to wear their uniform. How to accessorise it, shoes to wear etc. Also advise them of how to best care for it.
10. Keep a stock of extra uniforms in assorted sizes for staff turnaround, especially on bespoke items. Manufacturers of bespoke products will only produce a minimum quantity at a time.

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